All Natural Organic Skin Care Product On The Market

By Karen Gibson

The modern market is filled with thousands of cosmetic products that consumers can choose from. New products, formulations, ingredients are produced every day and the producers term them as must-haves. Potential benefits and results and ingredients contained in products tend to be the main factors buyers base upon when they are buying beauty products. However, the information below may make one want to reconsider the factors they base upon when choosing cosmetic products.

However, taking a keener interest in the ingredients contained in the various cosmetic products, it becomes clear that care needs to be exercised with the choices. Manufactured products has several advantages that make them a perfect choice. However, they also come with even more disadvantages than the advantages they offer. As such, it would be advisable to consider replacing manufactured cosmetic products with all natural organic skin care product.

Many reasons have been identified why it is better to use natural products in the place of non-natural ones. According to research, an average woman applies more than 200 different toxic ingredients on their bodies every day. These ingredients are found in the personal and beauty products they use to maintain their skin and body looking good. Another research determined that over 10, 500 industrial chemicals are included in cosmetic products, which cause several different problems.

The chemicals cause learning disabilities, reproductive problems, infertility, birth defects, and skin allergies, just to mention a few. It is advisable to use natural products because what is applied on the skin eventually ends up in the body system. Some researchers state that up to 60 percent of the substances applied on the body end up in the bloodstream. This figure is not well defined, but either way, chemicals should not be introduced into the body.

Hand creams and lipsticks make users to consume the chemicals through their mouths. Inhalation of powders and sprays gets them into the body just equally. All the negative effects named above start to be caused by these chemicals once they have reached the body system. Some of the effects are transmitted to unborn children. That makes it a wise idea to consider using natural organic alternatives that cause less toxicity and contamination in the body.

The effect caused by the skin care industry does not occur on the body alone, but to the rest of the planet. Millions of product bottles end up in landfills and other places where they cause pollution. Water bodies are also contaminated by phthlates in the products. Marine environments are disrupted hugely by Nano particles that are found in the products. Lowering consumption is the best way of combating most of these problems.

The skin care industry remains largely unregulated. Manufacturers use ingredients, claims, ad labels that are meant to deceive consumers. The language used on the products is meant to achieve higher sales volumes rather than to inform buyers. If an ingredient can be classified as a trade secret, the manufacturer has the right to omit it on the ingredients list even if it is harmful to consumers.

One of the worst risks involved in consumption of these products is that they cause various medical conditions. Parabens and phthalates are endocrine disruptors. If consumed in large amounts, they cause reproductive problems. Other effects of ingredients include cancer and delayed puberty.

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