Why PH Balanced Skin Care Products Are Important

By Helen White

Maintaining healthy skins is no mean task. In the real sense not many are aware of ways that they can achieve this. In case you are in this category, the answer is found in pH balanced skin care products. PH in this case means Potential Hydrogen and this is what that determines how skins appear. Continue reading so as to get enlightened regarding this matter.

7 is known as the neutral level when it comes to potential-hydrogen levels but the ideal level is one that is a bit acidic. 5.5 is the best amount to work with reason being any chances of bacteria causing harm is wiped out since they cannot survive under such conditions. Use of a product that negatively interferes with acid levels can easily lead to pores that are clogged. Note that any disruption in acidity can interfere with normal working of skins.

On the flip side, skins that have excess alkalinity will bring about a number of problems. A high level of pH is the perfect recipe for causing dryness. Skins have something called an acid mantle which serves as an acid barrier and when it gets interfered with, aging signs kick in. Due to the dryness caused, sebum is produced by skins to make up for this. The end result is pimples despite people having skins that are dry.

Levels of potential-hydrogen do vary from an individual to the other, however, what is applied on skins dictate the state of balance of potential-hydrogen. Skins cleansing will surely get rid of excess oils and dirt but in case what you use is too acidic or alkaline, normal functioning will be negatively interfered. A mild cleanser free from alcohols and acids is your best bet to avoid any trouble of acid mantle disruption.

Skins cleansing is important every evening and morning but the need for balancing solutions cannot be overlooked. A toner will not only remove any traces of dirt a cleanser might miss but will along the same lines create potential-hydrogen balance. An acidic cleanser should go with an alkaline toner and the reverse applies.

It does not matter on the skins type, a moisturizer is important. Keep skins moisturized by use of face lotions that will also assure of a proper acid mantle. The right moisturizer depends on skins type. Water based moisturizer are handy for oily skins and dry skins definitely need some oils. A lotion with coconut is best. Additionally, give a boost to your acid mantle by preferring a moisturizer that is having some sunscreen.

Success of treatments such as chemical peels is dependent on potential-hydrogen which is responsible for effectiveness. Active ingredients actually play a lesser role. A 45% lactic acid product with potential hydrogen at 5 is not as effective as 25% lactic acid that has potential hydrogen at 2.

Attaining skins that are amazing is not that hard for people in different corners of the globe. With information that is effective, one is assured that all will turn out well. The above guidelines should be considered anytime a person is contemplating buying a particular skins product.

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