Michigan Facial Center Provides Skin Repair Therapy To Locals

By Katy Parfait

Accidents, surgeries, and infections can cause scarring on the face that makes individuals feel self-conscious about their appearance. Instead of suffering, these people can seek relief at any Michigan facial center that employs qualified dermatologists. Specially trained healthcare professionals offer facial remedies MI residents need to repair skin and improve their appearance.

Dermatologists offer a variety of procedures, including laser resurfacing, to smooth the skin's surface. The laser eliminates the outermost layer of skin while penetrating through to the deeper layers and causing them to tighten up. Patients require only twilight sedation and local anesthetic to ease any pain. They must also wear goggles to prevent the laser from damaging the eyes.

A CO2 laser is the tool used most often to remove thick scars that are deep. The typical recovery period is approximately two weeks. A YAG laser is preferable for shallow scars. Because it is less powerful than a CO2 laser, patients recover more quickly and require less sedation and anesthetic.

Another laser therapy option for repairing damaged skin is fractionated resurfacing. The procedure promotes collagen growth in the deeper skin layers and creates dozens of tiny holes in the surface as it eliminates damaged cells. New cells grow in their place creating a smooth surface. The final results using this process are less dramatic than those produced by full laser resurfacing but the recovery time is extremely short.

Non-ablative resurfacing makes use of infrared lasers to raise the temperature below the surface. Sessions often last less than 30 minutes and patients do not require a long recovery period. The procedure can be painful despite the cool spray of water the laser releases to minimize surface damage.

The dermatologist will select the proper laser procedure according to each patient's individual needs. The cause and extent of damage will determine which procedure is best. Even patients with severe damage can get the relief they need.

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