Learn How To Look Your Best For The Holidays With A Michigan Facial Center

By Dona Banegas

Year-end celebrations in the United States begin with Thanksgiving, and run the gamut from cocktail parties to religious observances. For many, these traditional social gatherings define the season. The salon facial cleansing MI residents regularly enjoy prepares them for those events with a healthy and luxurious form of holiday pampering.

Although sliced cucumbers placed over closed eyes are the instantly recognizable symbol of this experience, there is more to it than simply cutting up vegetables. Indulging in a little self-pampering is an excellent way to change a holiday mood from frenetic to relaxed, and helps eliminate the stress and tension common during that season.

Health and beauty technicians perform a skin analysis to determine which areas need immediate assistance. People usually have problem areas on the face that demand attention, from clogged pores to dry, flaky skin. Most spas employ special tools for deep sanitary exfoliation and removal of unsightly blemishes.

While effective, the process itself is gentle. Specially formulated emollients and lotions not only soften the skin, but also eliminate dead cells that can be blamed for many blackheads or clogged pores, and which may become a site of infection. After the most visually prominent have been removed, a nurturing mask is then applied.

Within that application are special ingredients that help reduce natural redness, and it may also include surface medications to combat infection. Although it is not possible to permanently eliminate an ongoing acne problem in this way, future outbreaks can be better contained by removing excess bacteria and oils.

While no one can totally stop the aging clock, regular facials reduce the visual effects of wrinkles caused by dryness or sun exposure. When used in combination with advanced laser processes, it is possible to regain a more youthful, supple look by stimulating collagen formation. Clear, healthier skin is a look that is always fashionable.

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