Using Anti Aging Goji Serum

By Mattie MacDonald

Beauty is associated with youth all over the world. In many cultures, grey hair is equated with wisdom, while other social groups may deny any extra credit for years of experience. However, all seem to celebrate smooth skin, talk of ageless beauty, and have some sort of legend about an elixir of youth. Anti aging goji serum is one of the hundreds of ways to fulfill this wish to stop the clock.

Some people doubt that moisturizing creams and lotions, firming creams, or skin-tone restoring products are effective. Dermatologists sometimes advise that the skin serves as a barrier to outside substances, so no topical product will be absorbed. On the other hand, trans-dermal application of nutrients is considered by health authorities to be in many ways superior to ingesting them.

Others believe strongly in the ability of skin products to slow and reverse the process of aging. The skin on the face, hands, and body responds to physical changes in hormone production as the body grows older. There is a general loss of firmness, an uneven tone because of sun damage, and the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Under-eye puffiness and dark circles, brown spots, and sagging facial and neck muscles are other symptoms of age.

The goji berry is one of the Chinese culture's favorite 'fountain of youth' foods. This small red berry grows in the Himalaya Mountains, where many of the world's oldest living humans have been identified. For over four hundred years, Chinese practitioners have recognized the goji as an energy booster and longevity enhancer. Modern research shows that this fruit is very high in nutrients, including antioxidants which fight free radicals.

A serum is a liquid thicker than water but more fluid than a cream. The term was first used for the clear plasma in the bloodstream, which carries the red and white blood cells to all parts of the body, delivers nutrients, and carries off wastes. The term is used by the cosmetic industry to signify a serious weapon in the war to ward off time. Creams and lotions need added ingredients to achieve the desired consistency and preserve freshness, whereas serums can be simpler formulas in which the active ingredients predominate.

There are many goji-berry serums on the market, all of them fairly expensive. It's interesting that many are highly rated by consumers, who feel that their investment in their chosen product has yielded the results they were looking for. The fact is that people do report improvement in their appearance with the use of beauty products.

Many producers rely on actual research to formulate their products and routinely conduct clinical trials at their own expense. Higher-end skin care is more than advertising hype; the most popular brands must deliver the promised results. This is partly because the choice of products is so wide. The industry is a multi-billion dollar one, and there are many manufacturers competing for the consumer dollar.

It's easy to go online and see the wide choice of goji berry serums on the market. The internet is also a way to read up on actual research and to check the track record of companies offering skin care. You may find free samples or trial periods with a money-back guarantee to make it easier to find the product that works for you.

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