Manuka Honey Acne Scars Remedies

Acne Solutions - Manuka Honey Acne Scars Remedies - On the list of worst problems having acne is that should you be not careful you will be left with scars. Acne scarring will make you feel ashamed and self-conscious, so much in order that it can stop you having a full and satisfied life.

There are many way in which you can eliminate acne scars, the majority of which require invasive surgery. However, there is one treatment which is 100% natural, doesn't have any known side effects and contains been scientifically that can successfully heal pains and scars - Manuka Honey.

Honey is not only good to consume on toast or to increase drinks, but has been used with ancient cultures to its ability to deal with infection. However, it's only in recent times that research has shown that Manuka Honey can effectively treat scarred tissues and other pains. Here we will appear at where it originates from, how it operates, the best type to make use of and how to put on it.

Where does Manuka Honey are derived from?

It is produced by bees that collect pollen on the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium), any native tree discovered growing wild with New Zealand.

What makes Manuka Honey do the job?
It contains proteins, vitamins and minerals that assist to inhibit germs, heal wounds as well as promote new cells growth. Vitamin C especially plays an essential role in collagen formation which can be important for healthful skin. It also produces a protective barrier within the newly growing tissue to guard against infection.

What is the best Manuka Honey?

The best type is the one which is marked while Active. Active Manuka Honey works due to the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) which is the term for the potency from the antibacterial activity from the honey. The better the UMF component, the more strong and stable the antibacterial properties are usually.

So, here are a number of points to consider when choosing the very best Manuka Honey:
  • It should have a UMF ranking of 10 or maybe more. UMF ratings connected with under 10 have really low activity levels, ratings of 10-15 have useful levels of activity and scores over 16 have extremely high levels of action.
  • Make confident the honey can be genuine by checking that the name UMF can be clear stated on front from the jar.
  • It should have the Completely new Zealand UMF Licensee's brand and license number for the front label.
Active Manuka Honey are available in any health food store.

How will you apply Manuka Honey?

If you are trying to lose acne scars in your face, then you can easily apply the baby directly onto the scar and leave it as long as you can. It may look a little strange to set honey on your face, but by making use of the honey twice daily you need to start seeing the final results within a short time.

If you do not are looking for honey on your face daily, then what you can do is to set a generous dollop connected with honey onto any sterile dressing, put it over your scarred tissues and leave this overnight. Make sure which you wash the damaged area with warm water before applying the dressing so as to prevent infections.

Now that you already know that Manuka Honey has proven healing properties that help to lose acne scars, there is no need to live with the embarrassment of these types of unsightly scars anymore.

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